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The Swedemom Store

We've moved! 

Thanks to your continued support of The Swedemom Store, we were able to move to a more permanent location, just a few doors down from where we were before. Come check out our new mini art gallery and music room at 611 NE 3rd Street. Now open Monday through Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-4!

The Swedemom Store returns to 3rd Street in McMinnville, Oregon! Join us in the heart of wine country next to 5 star hotels and restaurants such as the Tributary Hotel and McMenamins and shop for unique treasures including vintage and antique items. This thrift shop is a must visit during your summer vacation and travel plans! The Swedemom Store has new and pre-loved art, vinyl albums, furniture, colored glass, home décorcollectibles, and so much more for sale. Shop for a good cause with Swedemom's second hand shop!


611 NE 3rd Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

Monday through Friday
from 9 to 5
and Saturday from 9 to 4


Swedemom has been selling new and second-hand items on eBay since 1999 and now you can see some of the items in person before you buy! The unique pricing model allows you to pay what you want (with some exceptions) while the proceeds are invested back into the community with our partnership with Swedemom LLC and MacHub! 


The Swedemom Store is open Mondays through Saturdays! Visit us at 611 NE 3rd Street in McMinnville where you can find new and pre-loved items for sale! Proceeds help us to continue to do good by keeping usable items out of the landfill, providing pickup service of donations, passing along donated items to other organizations in need in our local community, providing internships, volunteer opportunities, job training, and workforce development. We invite you to be a generous shopper and thank you for your support in our mission!

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