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This store is operated by Swedemom Center of Giving, one of eBay’s trusted nonprofit partners.

Swedemom Center of Giving

To generate financial stability for all nonprofit organizations that are rebuilding lives and to ensure the success of their programs.

To help charitable organizations embrace a new model to create financial stability by turning material donations into cash through a proprietary e-commerce platform.

Swedemom has daily offered thousands of unique treasures and useful items to well over 350,000 unique buyers in almost 25 years on eBay. We are proud to say that the items on the Swedemom Store now are all a direct benefit to a charity that helps serve, train and support nonprofit organizations. When a product sells on Swedemom 100% of the sale proceeds goes to help a growing network of nonprofits bringing hope and light to our world. We in part help sustain material donations through the eBay platform to bring hope to humanity with our technology and experience.
You can know with confidence that your purchase is a treasure to help with the mission of sustaining donations in a meaningful way with proceeds that will go to changing the lives of many who simply need a new start, a workplace, and something to look forward to.


Thank you for shopping at Swedemom and for your continued generous shopping!

Member Since: Jan 27, 1999

Seller: swedemom

99.7% Positive Feedback

480K Items Sold


Top Rated Seller

The Swedemom Store is one of eBay's most reputable sellers. Consistently delivers outstanding customer service.

We regularly sell both new and second-hand items across all categories. Items for sale include cookware, bakeware, utensils, glassware, storage bins, jars, small kitchen appliances, linens, small furniture pieces, lamps, home décor, vases, crafting supplies, bedding, throw pillows, blankets, toys, games, electronics, teddy bears, dolls, collector plates, holiday ornaments, Christmas trees, sports memorabilia, trading cards, sports cards, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches, home improvement items, building supplies, tools, yard equipment, fishing poles, outdoor gear, collectibles, trinket boxes, vintage and antique items, and more. There's something for everyone with Swedemom!

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