Swedemom Center of Giving – SCOG, for short – was launched in September 2016. We have extended our unique fund-raising services to nonprofit organizations in Oregon, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, and soon , other states.

Swedemom Center of Giving provides specialized financial assistance to other nonprofits through the Swedemom LLC online sales platform. Our nonprofit  partners collect donations of quality goods, sell them on the nationwide Swedemom platform, and become self-sustaining hubs that generate funds for their charitable programs.

We call that a “Causal Hub.”


Some Causal Hubs become “Community Hubs,” which pull other community nonprofit organizations into a network that helps all of the groups raise needed funds.

Swedemom Center of Giving is passionate about making a difference in the financial stability of charitable organizations. We invite you to look through this website and contact us at our headquarters in McMinnville, Oregon.

Contact Us

P.O Box 692, McMinnville, OR 97128


  Tel: ​​​503-474-4725

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