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What We Do

Swedemom Center of Giving – SCOG, for short – was launched in September 2016. We have extended our unique fund-raising services to nonprofit organizations in Oregon, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, and soon , other states.

Swedemom Center of Giving’s core service facilitates continuing fund-raising for nonprofits with full “Hub” operations. Each of these partner organizations has its own fully functional Hub where it accepts donated items, performs all production work and fulfills purchases through the SCOG system. We call these “Causal Hubs,” operated by individual nonprofit groups to serve their fund-raising needs.


In our McMinnville, Oregon hometown, SCOG combines its own Causal Hub with a “Community Hub Warehouse” operation. The Warehouse program serves “Limited Hubs” – nonprofits that accept donations, then bring them to the Community Hub Warehouse for production and fulfillment services.

Who We Are

Cami Nyquist

Cami is the founder of Swedemom LLC. and co-founder of Swedemom Center of Giving. She attended school in Chicago at North Park University and eventually graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications and Film from the University of Oregon. 

Board of Directors

  • Cami Nyquist 

  • Norm Berney

  • Greg Smith

  • Julie Miller 

  • Deborah Cathers-Seymour

Proud To Be Apart Of:

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