Below is a list of our different programs that Swedemom Center of Giving offers. You can read more about each program by clicking the Read More button below each one.

Causal Hubs

A nonprofit organization that wants to function for its own good utilizing SCOG's resources.

Community Hubs

A nonprofit organization that wishes to function for the good of its own as well as other local area nonprofit organizations utilizing SCOG's resources.

Limited Causal Hubs

A nonprofit organization that at the current time does not have the resources available to function as a causal hub. They would join forces by bringing their donations to a community hub or a causal hub to be produced and fulfilled. Ideally, a limited causal hub would provide some level of volunteerism to assist with the production and/or fulfillment process at the causal or community hub's location.

Estate Program

The Estate Program provides those who are downsizing with the opportunity to donate a large majority of their items to a hub nearest to them. The program provides assistance from the hub to pick up any items for those who cannot do all the work on their own.

Fellowship of Future Philanthropists

Through time, talent, and treasure, students can contribute many skills and plenty of knowledge to help nonprofit organizations turn donations into profit. The Fellowship of Future Philanthropists program provides our hubs with volunteers and workers to be able to sort through donations and intake, image, describe, and final check them. Then, volunteers and workers will put them away on organized shelves, but when an item is sold, it is then pulled off the shelf, packaged, and shipped, all within a matter of days. The Fellowship of Future Philanthropists program not only provides the hub with profit but also gives some of that profit back to the school in return, allowing each college to provide a better education for their students.

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