"Empowering students to make an impact with their time, talent, and treasure"


Students contribute their talent through lending their knowledge and skills to a hub.

With new knowledge and skills circulating throughout the hub, great and innovative ideas could bring about exponential change, increasing profits and changing the way things are managed or done. This could potentially lead to a more successful donation-to-profit result. Not only do students' knowledge and skills create new and innovative ideas, but the sharing of this knowledge and skills could help others volunteering or working by providing them the skills necessary to get a job and make a living for themselves. It is a step towards them providing a better future for not only their self but also for those around them.

There are many opportunities such as internships and volunteer positions as well as other open positions available at many of our different hubs.

Students contribute their treasure through donating their goods to turn into profits to see nonprofit organizations thrive and succeed.

In Every year, by the end of the year, college students have accumulated so much stuff without realizing it until it is time to move out for the summer. This stuff may be useless to them, but donating it to a nonprofit organization for them to turn it into profits could really help a family or individual in need of assistance while trying to get back up on their feet. A student's belongings is another man's treasure because it ensures that they can put food on the table for their family or get back up on their feet and go out into the workforce to provide a life for themselves. These donations could change a nonprofit organization or one's life from items that another does not want anymore.

To learn more about how to donate your treasures, please click the button below. 



Students contribute their time by volunteering, while also gaining life skills and experience in the process.

In the Fellowship of Future Philanthropists program, students have a number of options on how they could contribute their time, whether it is through volunteering, as a work-study job, or even becoming an intern. This program is creating an opportunity for students to share their knowledge and experience with others, while also gaining new skills and knowledge at the same time. This process is done through the production wheel where items are sorted, intaken, imaged, described, final checked, put away, sold, packaged, and shipped.

There are many opportunities such as internships and volunteer positions as well as other open positions available at many of our different hubs. 

To contribute your time and talent, click the button below to learn more about open positions at a hub near you.

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